The best way to use email for internal comms? Take our survey

Curious how your peers use email to reach employees? Which messages work best? How to stop email overload? We’ll get the answers.

Do you crank out emails to your employees without knowing how much is too much? Curious which messages are best sent via email? Can your efforts be measured?

We want to benchmark how communicators use email to communicate with employees.

We’ve teamed up with Newsweaver to get the answers in our survey, “Exploring the use of email for internal communications.” It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Those who take part will receive a FREE report after we crunch the data, allowing you to learn:

  • Which messages are best sent via email
  • How to reduce email overload
  • Email best practices
  • Top email challenges
  • And much more!

Take the survey today.

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