The forgotten social network: 6 reasons your next campaign should include Flickr

Facebook and Twitter (and soon Google+) get all the glory from social media marketers, but you shouldn’t ignore the platform that speaks thousands of words.

Marketers often overlook one social medium that they shouldn’t—Flickr.

When most people develop a social media campaign, they usually go to Facebook and Twitter. This is done with good reason since marketing through these platforms is simple and the total number of people invested in these communities tend to be large.

However, here are half-dozen reasons for adding Flickr to your next campaign.

1. People are visual. You’re able to tell a story in a way you can’t through other mediums. Let’s face it: People like to look at pictures. Plus, the change of scenery that images offer is nice. We stare at text all day; mix it up to create more ways to engage with and inform your audience.

2. You can share your photo stream. The Flickr community is not the only place where people can see the photos you post to the site. Flickr makes it easy to share your photos across all social media platforms.

3. It’s good for searches. The tags you assign to your photos are used in search, allowing people with your interests to more easily find you. That means your audience will grow beyond people who already know about your brand.

4. Picture quality is top-notch.
It’s much higher on Flickr than any of the other social media platforms. On Flickr, you’ll have fewer grainy images, and those presentations will be sharp as when they came off the printer.

5. You’ll have peace of mind. Flickr provides a safe platform for your pictures. They offer creative commons, which means you get to pick the stringency of your copyright. This feature can help give you peace of mind that others aren’t using (or misusing) photos without your permission, which is something you don’t always get with the other social media platforms.

6. You can start discussions. Flickr allows you to create groups and comments, just like all other social platforms. While the focus is around photographs and videos, people are still interacting with each other, and they could be interacting around images and videos of your brand or client.

Now, go sign up for Flickr.

Karissa Van Hooser is an interactive marketing intern at Walker Sands Communications. Her writing can be found on the Walker Sands blog FootPrints, where a version of this story appeared.

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