The most-read social media stories of 2013

Twitter bios, gaining followers on Instagram, and anything about Facebook resonated most with our social media readers this year.

Facebook remains of high interest to readers. The channel had three of the most-popular social media stories on the site this year. We ran similar articles about other platforms—what to write and post-but they weren’t as popular.

Also making the list was the much debated topic of whether to turn of autotweets during a national tragedy. Guy Kawasaki was the example du jour earlier this year.

Our readers also liked infographics, as evidenced below. Take a look:

1. 10 amusing Twitter bios to inspire you

2. 14 ways to get more followers on Instagram

3. Guy Kawasaki is too ‘popular’ to stop autotweets during Boston bombings

4. Infographic: The demographics of social media users

5. Image sizes on Facebook: A cheat sheet

6. Infographic: 10 ways to write better Facebook posts

7. 10 things to stop sharing on Facebook

8. Infographic: An inside look at companies’ social media teams

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