The skill all communicators need in 2018

Organizations rely on you not only to engage audiences but also manage risks. Are you prepared?

Security breaches. Legal missteps on social media. Natural disasters.

Those are just a few of the risks organizations today face—and depending on your industry, countless more could be looming.

Leaders are increasingly relying on you, the communicator, to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to possible crises. Are your risk management skills up to par?

Here are a few ways the communicators at Equifax, Mandell Menkes and S&P Global are keeping risks at bay:

  • Creating a proactive internal culture by making risk and scenario planning a priority
  • Ensuring the whole team has a clear understanding of social media laws and regulations
  • Using the intranet as a crisis alert channel to keep employees informed and prepared

They’ll be sharing more of their tips and strategies during the Risk Management for Communicators Virtual Summit on June 15. Join them from your desk and strengthen this important skill that organizations expect you to have.

You’ll also receive an on-demand recording of the entire event to watch at your convenience.

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