The top 10 topics on Facebook and Twitter

The most popular topics are similar on both networks. Can you guess what they are?

The 10 most popular content topics on Facebook and Twitter are similar, but once you leave the top 10, topics differ significantly, a recent Klout study says.

The report was based on Klout Topics data from more than 580 million people around the world.

The analysis found that music and television rank as the No. 1 and No. 2 most popular topics, respectively, on both Facebook and Twitter. Content concerning celebrities, software, holidays, films and business is also extremely popular on both social networks.

Overall, 40 percent of topic interactions on Facebook and Twitter occur around the top 10 content areas. Engagement patterns look similar for each network.

However, the remaining 60 percent of engagement comes from topics beyond the top 10. The percentage of interactions with those subjects differs significantly by network.

Among the most noticeable variances between Facebook and Twitter are:

  • Restaurants
    • Facebook: 76th most popular topic
    • Twitter: 112th most popular topic
    • Variance: 36 spots
  • Homework
    • Facebook: 196th most popular topic
    • Twitter: 98th most popular topic
    • Variance: 98 spots
  • Dogs
    • Facebook: 23rd most popular topic
    • Twitter: 95th most popular topic
    • Variance: 72 spots
  • Cats
    • Facebook: 52nd most popular topic
    • Twitter: 104th most popular topic
    • Variance: 52 spots
  • Babies
    • Facebook: 21st most popular topic
    • Twitter: 66th most popular topic
    • Variance 45 spots
  • Parenting
    • Facebook: 22nd most popular topic
    • Twitter: 50th most popular topic
    • Variance: 28 spots
  • Customer service
    • Facebook: 197th most popular topic
    • Twitter: 89th most popular topic
    • Variance: 108 spots

A version of this article originally appeared on MarketingProfs.

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