Tips for consistent messaging in corporate communications

Looking for ways to bolster your internal communications? Find out how to get the most out of your channels—and stay on message—in this practical guide from Ragan and Newsweaver.

Are you struggling to keep your message on track across myriad internal platforms?

Do your organizational directives splinter into multiple interpretations depending on who’s in charge of which channel?

Then Newsweaver and Ragan Communications have the ultimate free guide for you: “Creating a Consistent Message.”

The guide will help your organization speak in one voice, no matter what the platform. Find out how to keep your message on track and make best use of your multiple channels—whether intranet, email, internal social media or even graphic memes.

“There are lots of channels and ways that people absorb and learn,” says Becky Graebe, senior communications manager at the North Carolina analytics firm SAS. “We have to mirror that in house, but the message still has to be consistent.”

You’ll learn:

  • Which channels internal communicators prefer for what kinds of messages. From one-on-one meetings to electronic publications, find out the best way to get your message out.

  • How to establish “governance” and create a plan based on a clear set of objectives. What precisely are you striving to achieve through your communications?

  • What questions to ask to help you choose the channel that will help you achieve your objectives.

  • When to use email and how to power it up and make it a valuable tool, not an annoying distraction.

  • How to boost your intranet—and design it for mobile.

  • How IBM gathers business ideas through internal social media.

  • How to check comprehension of your messages through office walkabouts, and when you should call a town hall meeting.

“Like all good stories,” says Ryan Williams of Tekara Organizational Effectiveness, “the town hall should develop the characters, share the challenge and be inspirational to how the audience can participate in achieving the next goal. Evidence of the need or the detailed plans best followed up in operational meetings and the intranet.”

Don’t miss out on this free guide. Click here to boost the reach of communications in your organization.

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