Top 20 buzzwords PR pros use

If you’ve ever said “hotly anticipated,” “end user,” or “deliverables,” a journalist somewhere is making fun of you.

We had a six-foot whiteboard in the kitchen, and every time someone said what we considered dumb corporate language, we’d write it on the board.

Soon things such as “at the end of the day,” “with all due respect,” “frankly,” and “win-win” were listed. (We had a client who said “frankly” so much we never believed she was actually telling the truth).

We filled that thing up and then added big sheets of poster paper on either side to keep the game going.

A little story

I remembered the game right before the holidays while I stood in line at security in Atlanta. I overheard a man talking to one of his female colleagues, and the conversation went like this:

Him: “Hi, Allison. I’m hoping you can help me.”

Her: I assume she said something like, “Sure!”

Him: “I have an on-site client meeting tomorrow with 10 people and I need to order lunch.”

Her: “Umm, OK.”

Him: “I know it’s not your job, but I have no visibility into how to order lunch. Could I send you the menus and have you help?”

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