Top five improvements on every employee’s wish list

Surprising results from a survey reveal what office workers really want. Hint: It’s not more money.

We all know that a great deal more to goes into employee satisfaction than just salary and benefits, but what exactly do employees want?

HR blogger Christian Schappel reveals the top five improvements employees would like to see, based on a recent survey of 300 office workers conducted by retailer Staples.

Not surprisingly, eliminating office politics was at the top of the list, and employees also wanted more flexibility overall, but beyond that the results might surprise you.

“If they had a more comfortable workspace,” the survey reports, “one-third of respondents said they’d be more pleasant to work with, half said they’d be more productive, and 35 percent said they’d feel less stress.” One-third responded that minor technology upgrades would go a long way, too.

The complete list, along with a link to more information on the Staples survey, can be found here.

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