Video infographic connects employees around the world

A video infographic was the perfect way for Bechtel Corporation to let its employees know about the company’s internal and external achievements.

In 2012, Bechtel Corporation launched the “Build a Better Bechtel” campaign, which aimed to enhance the company’s culture and boost business performance.

“Build a Better Bechtel” was a success, but the communications team needed a compelling way to tell employees—spread around the world—that it was working.

Its solution was a 90-second video infographic that earned the team first place in the Best Video Infographic category of PR Daily’s 2013 Digital PR Awards.

The video infographic needed to clearly explain to employees what the “Build a Better Bechtel” campaign was all about, get employees excited about it, and highlight campaign milestones.

To do this, the communications team set the video to upbeat music, wrote jargon-free, easy-to-understand copy, and honestly described the state of the company. While the video highlights victories—the company did more in 2012 to seek customer opinions—it also mentions areas that need work—the company didn’t do as well at keeping customers informed.

The video also features personal employee victories, like how many cumulative pounds Bechtel employees have lost, or how many leadership awards employees have earned.

Bechtel posted the video to its intranet and internal social media network, and shares it during applicable meetings.

To date, the infographic has attracted more than 8,000 views on the company intranet.

View the video here.

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