Want employees to create videos? Make it a game

Video expert Paolo Tosolini says gamification can make what seems like a chore into something employees love to do.

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1. “You’re required to create three videos a month.”

2. “If you make the effort to create three videos each month, you’ll get your own video equipment and software to use for free. Not only that, we’ll recognize you as a leader in the company.”

It’s like night and day, isn’t it? According to Paolo Tosolini, director of emerging media at Run Studios, all it takes is a little incentive—a little bit of making video production into a game—to get employees excited about bringing their expertise to their company’s video messaging. It’s a good way to get employees to watch important videos, as well.

The three mechanics

Gamification, when it comes to employee video, isn’t just about rewards, Tosolini says, though those can be an incentive. It’s about understanding what employees want to get out of going the extra mile.

With that in mind, Tosolini lists three mechanics that a video program with gamification elements can have to get employees excited:

1. Game mechanics, which reward behaviors that you want from your employees and which help accomplish business goals, such as finishing up training modules within a certain amount of time.

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