We need you! Take our salary and workplace culture survey

A Ragan survey on compensation and culture will enable communicators to see how they fare industrywide.

Workplace salary survey

Surely we’d all love to know what our colleagues across the industry are earning, or which benefits are the norm. These days, it seems that the sky’s the limit for employees, in the driver’s seat in a piping hot job market.

If you’re looking for benchmark data to take to your bosses the next time you ask for a raise or search for a new job, lend us a hand—and help yourself and your peers while you’re at it. Participate in Ragan’s Salary & Workplace Culture Survey, a comprehensive look at salaries, benefits, culture, bonuses and other aspects of the job in a fast-moving industry.

Both internal and external communicators are encouraged to participate.

By taking part, you will receive a $150 discount to a Ragan virtual conference of your choice and be entered to win one of five $50 gift cards. All who complete the survey will receive a full report on the findings. Responses are anonymous. Enter by Nov. 19!

We’ll find out the raises, bonuses and benefits your fellow professionals get, and we’ll dig into “soft benefits” such as flexible hours, work from home, company-wide mental health days, and senior care time off.

Among the questions we’re asking:

  • To whom do you report?
  • What is your annual base salary?
  • How satisfied are you with your compensation?
  • Which type of professional development does your organization offer?
  • Did your company forgo annual salary and/or cost of living increases due to the pandemic?

Help us map the face of the industry and provide yourself with vital data to boost your career.

Take the Ragan Salary & Workplace Culture Survey now.


One Response to “We need you! Take our salary and workplace culture survey”

    Ziba Salif says:

    Report to the leadership base salary of $60,000 compensation and are relatively satisfied that the sales category did not forgo annual salary and living expenses increases

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