Webinar alert: HR: Think like a marketer to reach employees

Find out how ‘selling’ your company will boost recruitment, retention and wellness programs.

Are you getting through to today’s employee?

The employee who is also a consumer, social media expert, blogger and video director?

HR consultant Mike Dwyer can show you how to think like a marketer and “sell” recruitment, retention and wellness programs in a new Ragan webinar. The 75-minute presentation, HR is the new marketing: How to connect HR and marketing to recruit top talent and engage employees,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 2 p.m. CST.

Learn more about this webinar here.

Dwyer will show you how:

  • Reaching out to marketing and communications may be the solution to HR business challenges
  • Recruitment initiatives fit into a marketing campaign
  • Saying “yes, and” builds your relationship with marketing and integrates your HR strategy
  • Creating one message inside and outside the firewall will drive employee engagement and help you find new talent

Put a marketing spin on your traditional HR communications and give yourself the ammunition to reach new talent and engage employees in new ways.

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