What does a social media manager do all day?

It starts with a cup of coffee—the first of many each day—and ends with you swearing you won’t work past 7 p.m. today.

Do you have dreams about posting to Facebook and nightmares about Twitter followers abandoning your brand’s page?

If so, you must be a social media manager.

Your friends probably think you spend all day on Facebook sharing cool things, pinning pretty stuff on Pinterest, and retweeting about Happy Hour.

What they don’t see is that your client just called you and demanded a Facebook promotion with a minimum of 100 entries, so you just shared it on your Facebook page and all of your friend’s pages. The boutique that hired you just asked you to put up their entire spring line on Pinterest, and those 30 restaurants you work with all have Happy Hour specials today, and they want their Twitter followers there.

Here’s how to tell everyone what you really do:

  • First, you check and respond to the 367 emails that attempt to crash your computer every morning while drinking the first cup of coffee for the day.
  • Next, you check your client’s social media channels for messages, comments, reviews and drunken photos uploaded at 2 a.m. to that nightclub’s Facebook page.
  • It’s time for damage control for that client who got the really bad Yelp review— must have just been an off night at the restaurant!
  • On to the second cup of coffee for the day while sitting through a Pinterest tutorial. (Even though you already know how to use it; you have been pinning things for your future house since the site was created.)
  • Now you have to convince your client that its fans will indeed like the post you just put out on their behalf.
  • Email the client a screen shot of the 34 shares that post got—jeez, you’re good!
  • Now to send an email on behalf of that resort to tell everyone on the email list that the resort is remodeling.
  • While drinking your third cup of coffee for the day, you answer all of the emails and return all of the phone calls you received during that Pinterest tutorial.
  • This is when you realize you forget to eat lunch because that whole Yelp debacle took a lot longer than you expected.
  • Here’s the part of the day when you convince yourself that you won’t stay any later than 7 p.m. even if that client calls and wants that contest up and running ASAP.

Managing social media for a client isn’t just about posting to Facebook and tweeting, it’s about brand reputation management, customer relationships, marketing, brand representation and a whole lot more that your friends don’t understand.

Next time they ask, just tell them you are a social media superhero.

Christine Smith is the public relations specialist for Davanti Digital Media, LLC. Follow them on Twitter @DavantiDigital.


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