What stories do your infographics tell?

Join expert Bob Zeni for this virtual summit filled with tips to craft stronger visual narratives.

Imagine every single person in your audience scrutinizing your infographic.

Does it tell a dazzling and compelling story?

Ragan’s 2019 Infographics Storytelling Virtual Summit takes place Friday, June 21 and will empower you to tell visually pleasing stories with infographics.

Bob Zeni, veteran infographics expert, leads this two-hour session, packed with practical takeaways. Bob’s work has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, Ad Age and more, and he currently teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sessions include:

· Stop with empty infographics! A 10-step process to tell a powerful visual story

· Let’s go viral! No-nonsense ways to boost your infographic’s reach on social media

Don’t make rookie mistakes on your next infographic—register for this can’t-miss virtual event today.

Register here to save $50.


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