What’s the strangest holiday gift you’ve seen?

From World War II gas masks to worn-out household items, employees let their creativity and sense of humor loose at office holiday parties.

Did you receive a pair of dirty oven mitts at your office’s holiday party last year?

What about a jar of pickles or a framed picture of your coworker?

You may have escaped your office’s white elephant gift exchange with a nice set of stationery last year, but employees at other offices have swapped some peculiar items.

In a recent survey, The Creative Group asked more than 750 marketing executives about the strangest gifts they’ve seen at their offices’ year-end white elephant parties. The items ranged from broken household items to unappetizing food products.

If you’re looking for ideas for your work party this year, these items also made the list. They may inspire—or disgust—you:

  • A wilted carrot
  • A World War II gas mask
  • A used ashtray
  • A broken umbrella
  • A white elephant—literally

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