When it’s OK to ban a Facebook fan

You don’t want to ban anyone if you can help it, but if someone persistently commits any of these offenses, it may be time to cut them loose.

I wrote a post where I argued you shouldn’t delete negative Facebook comments. Given that, the title of this post might surprise you. After all, how can I tell you not to delete negative comments, but then suggest it’s OK to ban certain fans?

Let me explain.

When I said you shouldn’t delete negative comments from your Facebook page, I was talking about legitimate comments.

You’re going to have customers who aren’t satisfied with your products, services, customer service, etc. And sometimes they’re going to rip into your company on your Facebook page. I still say that in those legitimate situations you shouldn’t delete comments. You should embrace those opportunities to solve problems for your customers.

So when is it OK to ban fans from your Facebook page?

1. The fan promotes another business. You can’t have people promoting other businesses—especially competitors—on your Facebook page. That’s just not good for business. It’s your Facebook page, and people shouldn’t spam it with ads for other companies.

2. The fan uses excessive profanity. Every business is different, but in most cases you don’t want your Facebook page filled with F-bombs and other swear words.

3. The fan lies. Some malicious fans will flat out lie about your brand. They’ll make up bad things about your products and services that have no basis in reality. Defending yourself against legitimate negative comments is one thing, but you don’t have to stand up to lies and baseless accusations.

4. The fan uses hate speech. An upset customer is understandable, but it’s unacceptable when that angry customer starts to spew hateful language, use slurs, or make threats against your company or employees. You should ban such fans.

5. The fan constantly harasses you. If an angry customer keeps posting negative stuff on your Facebook page without allowing you to resolve the situation, you’re well within your rights to delete the customer’s comments and ban him. There’s definitely a line between being an unsatisfied customer and a harasser.

Have you ever banned anyone from your Facebook page? Tell us about it in the comments.

Mickie Kennedy is the CEO and founder of eReleases and blogs at PR Fuel, where a version of this article originally appeared.


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