Which Disney character resembles your PR life most?

From avoiding poison apples to strolling through Wonderland, the industry seems rife with parallels to make-believe worlds. Glass slippers optional.

You’ve probably seen all the Disney classics, and as a PR pro, you love happy endings.

So in this fairytale profession of ours, which Disney princess are you?


You’re a PR newbie. It’s your first job in the industry, and you’re looking to make a splash. Sure, there are whozits and whatzits galore—but you’re tackling your new career path with impressive curiosity and determination. As the big fish of the company zip past your cubicle, you can’t help but think, “I wish I could be part of that world.”

Recognize the power of your own voice, and avoid selling out.

Snow White

Who is the fairest of them all? Well, you are—for your ability to work well with others. Whether it’s a grumpy account executive, a sleepy client, or even a bashful intern, you’ve seen it all and come down to their level in order to help them. Although it’s great that you get along with everyone, careful you’re not too naive.

Watch out for those only out for their own personal advancement—nothing but bad apples!

Alice in Wonderland

You’re the firm’s risk taker. Your whimsical ideas might be considered crazy by some, but you’re taking your clients down new and exciting rabbit holes every day. As the adage goes, “The greater the risk, the greater the reward,” and soon everyone will be curiouser and curiouser about you.

Your outlandish approach isn’t for everyone, so use it in moderation before the client loses their temper and it’s off with your head.


You manage a very challenging account; some would even say the client is beastly. Your patience and compassion suit the profession well. You see a client by its potential and not by how much work it requires.

Because you embrace situations others run from, there will be times when fellow account executives say, “If you think you can handle this account better, please be our guest.”


You’ve overcome so many obstacles to achieve your dream come true, because a career in PR was a wish your heart made long ago. Although at times it felt like you were taking orders from an evil stepmother and working on hand and knee until the clock struck midnight, you eventually made it to the big dance with PR royalty.

It was your ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary that proved you were just the right fit for a happily ever after in public relations.

Sleeping Beauty

There are no sleeping beauties in the PR world.

Wake up!

So, which Disney princess are you?

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Kellie Mazur is an assistant account manager at Travers Collins, an integrated marketing communications agency in Buffalo, NY. Some days she is a Snow White and some days she is Alice. A version of this story first appeared on the company’s blog, Smartyrants.

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