Which Facebook posts annoy you the most?

The author’s is the “Schoolyard Bully Post.” What irks you?

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There are all kinds of annoying Facebook posts. I’m sure everyone has their least favorite ones. Maybe you hate the “Random Song Lyric” post. Or maybe the “Passive Aggressive Plea for Pity” posts do it for you (you know, the ones that just say something like, “Sigh.”)

For me, it’s what I call the “Schoolyard Bully” post. These posts are all over Facebook and they always follow a specific formula:

1. Announce some really worthy cause—such as eradicating child abuse, curing cancer, or dealing with violence against puppies.

2. Say that you, being the wonderful person that you are, definitely support the cause. You think abusing puppies is bad, and you feel strongly enough about that to post it on your Facebook page! You are making a stand!

3. Announce that everyone should support the same cause you are so bravely supporting.

4. Imply that anyone who doesn’t support this cause is secretly for whatever it is you’re against. So if you’re not publicly for ending puppy abuse, you are most likely a puppy abuser yourself.

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