Which is better: More money, or a better boss?

A recent survey suggests most employees would opt for the latter. Not so fast. The author takes off the gloves to challenge the findings—and the way the survey was conducted.

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The basis of the study was, if given a choice, would your employee choose a better boss or a pay raise—and guess what they found. Yes, 65 percent of employees say they would rather have a “better boss” than more money!

So, here’s my question: Do you think that is true?

What if you went to your employees right now and said to them:

“Look, we know based on this survey that you guys want a better boss, so we going to fire the idiot we have managing you right now and let you pick your next boss! And, because we are doing this, you don’t get a raise next year. But don’t worry—you’ll be more engaged and happier because this next gal you pick to tell you what to do is really going to be that much better! What do you say? Are you in?”

A laughable survey?

Before you go cutting your budget for 2013 pay increases and start funneling all of that money into leadership development, let’s look at a couple of things:

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