Which word pairs do you confuse the most?

Is it ‘home’ or ‘hone’? ‘Farther’ or ‘further’? Tell us which similar-looking words trip you up most in our newest poll.

As writers, we can’t help but notice when people make writing mistakes.

Misplaced punctuation marks, homophone slips, and misspellings jump out at us like they do no one else. But while we can be quick to point out other writers’ errors, no one is immune to writing blunders.

Among the most common mistakes are mixed-up word pairs. Which similar-looking words do you confuse the most?

Maybe you can’t remember when to use “comprise” instead of “compose,” or “home” instead of “hone.” Do “farther” and “further” mix you up?

Tell us which word pairs trip you up. Vote in our poll below.


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