Why AI will complement—not replace—human marketers

The personal touch is essential for many consumers, especially in an era of dwindling public trust. Still, you can deploy digital assistants for rudimentary, time-consuming tasks. Here’s how.

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At first glance, copywriting seems easy to automate.

Sometimes it feels like most blog posts, marketing reports and outreach emails were written by a computer, anyway. Surely they are just copied from one another, with a few changes to avoid charges of plagiarism, and then published, right?

Well, yes and no. It may be true that a lot (and perhaps the majority) of marketing content is generic—but not the best content. For that, you need a human touch.

1. Auto-generated content is on the rise.

Fears that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace copywriters have been around for a while. Back in 2017, the Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute released a report called ”When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?” in which they asked 352 AI experts their opinions.

The results make frightening reading for copywriters. Within 10 years, the report asserted, AI would be able to produce passable high school essays, and within 25 years they might be producing convincing novels. Presumably, somewhere within this timeframe, AI will be tasked with producing marketing content, and it will do this much more quickly—and much better—than we poor humans.

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