Workplace comfort, ergonomics impact morale and wellness

A new guide explores employees’ attitudes and priorities around workspaces and how to provide substantive support.

Workplace comfort, ergonomics impact morale and wellness

Pre-pandemic, references to the office may have called to mind cubicles and people hunched over desks. Now after more than 18 months of remote work for many with dining rooms, living rooms and anywhere space could be found at home being turned into “offices,”  these same workers may still be sitting and hunched over just in a different setting. New research in “The essential role of ergonomics in workplace wellness and employee retention” reveals workers’ attitudes and priorities around remote work, the return to the office and ergonomic support needed in both places.

Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Insider, in collaboration with Ergotron, fielded a survey July to August 2021 that received nearly 300 responses from workers in a variety of industries, including education, finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more. Results indicate respondents are mostly sedentary, with 88% indicating they sit most of the time in an office or at home. Additionally, most seek a comfortable and ergonomic setup wherever they are working.

In this research-oriented guide, you’ll learn how to provide substantive support for workers, who are grappling with anxiety while struggling to avoid the deleterious effects of sedentary behavior. In addition, the guide reveals:

  • What employees want and expect right now from their employers.
  • How to help employees move more throughout the day.
  • How workers feel about hybrid and remote work moving forward.
  • Whether it’s worthwhile to have a physical office space in a post-pandemic environment.
  • What, exactly, constitutes an “ergonomic” workspace.
  • How focusing on employee well-being can improve your retention and recruiting efforts.

Download the free guide to learn how to deliver employees the comfort they need and deserve to further productivity, morale and even retention.

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