3 measurement myths that PR pros should see right through

Rethink how you measure the success of your PR campaigns—join us in Miami for the PR Measurement Conference.

A great PR campaign would be nothing without a great plan to measure its results.

Vanity metrics and padded numbers, though, do nothing to help you in the long run. Are you falling prey to these common misconceptions about PR measurement?

1. Myth: It’s all about impressions.

Truth: Stakeholders want to see exactly how your programs are helping the bottom line.

2. Myth: Measurement is just about the numbers.

Truth: Numbers might make up your data, but it’s the actionable insights behind them that count.

3. Myth: You’re a PR pro, not a data scientist.

Truth: In today’s business world, you have to be both.

Separate fact from fiction, and learn how to craft a bulletproof plan for measuring your campaigns at the PR Measurement Conference on Feb. 1–2 in Miami.

You’ll leave prepared to optimize your programs, prove ROI to senior leaders and wow stakeholders with your success!

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