3 unexpected ways Twitter can enhance your speech

Do you tweet audio samples, research conferences your audience likes, or encourage listeners to tweet snippets of your speech? If not, read on to see why you should.

Have you gotten used to an audience full of tweeters? Do you solicit questions on Twitter before your speech? Do you use Twitter to promote your presentation and share follow-up information after it’s over?

That’s great if you do, but there’s much more Twitter can do to enhance your public speaking and your audience’s experience. Here are three unexpected options for speakers on Twitter:

1. Tweet audio samples from your speech. Mashable lists six free services that offer ways to share audio in a tweet.

Using audio to enhance your Twitter stream before and after a speech is a natural advantage for speakers. Make sure you record yourself, tweet a couple of great audio clips after the speech, or record some thoughts to share with your followers before or after you speak.

2. Use Twitter for research. Lanyrd is a social network that allows you to see which conferences your Twitter followers are interested in. Use this information to fill out your speaker and attendee profile so you can more easily connect with people you already follow and make sure they know about your next gig.

3. Encourage followers to tweet taglines from your speech. After giving a TED talk, online organizer Eli Pariser noticed people tweeting about his talk with several creative taglines and summaries.

Look at tweets about your talk. Which ones make the best taglines or descriptors? Use them—giving credit to the creative tweeter—to give your speech legs.

How do you use Twitter to enhance your public speaking?

Denise Graveline is the president of don’t get caught, a communications consultancy. She also writes The Eloquent Woman blog, where a version of this article originally ran.

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