3 ways internal comms can help combat ‘quiet quitting’

The phenomenon offers an important lesson about employee engagement.

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Employee comms can help combat quiet quitting

There’s a new phrase traveling around the Internet — “quiet quitting” — which refers to the practice of employees consciously working no harder at their job than they need to.

The phrase has traveled across social media, where one TikTok user defines it as “doing the role you’re paid for and not going over and above. Its (sp) not voluntarily signing up to extra projects and contributing to hustle culture”:

The poster goes on to challenge the word itself, writing “Is it ‘quitting’ or is it setting boundaries? Are we expected to constantly be in an accelerated state?”

“The most interesting part about it is nothing’s changed,” another poster said in his TikTok video. “I still work just as hard. I still get just as much accomplished. I just don’t stress and internally rip myself to shreds.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

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