3 ways to share your vision with your employees

Your staff can’t realize your mission if they have no idea what it is. Here’s how to clue them in.

The leader of any business must convey its vision clearly, in order for employees to fulfill that vision.

Here are three necessary steps to communicate your vision in a clear, effective way.

1. Write it down. Doing so will help you to get everything clear and complete in your mind, so you know it inside out. Writing something down helps us to understand it more clearly. (It also gives you a cheat sheet to refer to.) It helps you find the right words and phrases to use in explaining it to others.

2. Speak clearly. Avoid jargon and corporate-speak—any terms that are overly complicated or technical. Speak as you would to an industry outsider. Check your employees’ understanding by asking them to rephrase your vision. This might even help you get your message across more clearly.

3. Create reminders. Make sure employees keep your vision in mind during all projects they undertake. Talk about it regularly. Start weekly or monthly meetings by discussing how your work so far has helped support that vision, and help newcomers and veterans alike to understand how it applies to their daily work. You might even print out your vision—and an explanation of it—and post it prominently (including a digital version on your website, if that’s appropriate).

When you and your employees all fully understand your vision, everyone will be on the same page, working cohesively toward the same goal. It’s essential for making your vision a reality.

Layla Fenston is a writer behind eVoice Australia. She regularly writes about small business and entrepreneurship.


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