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Does your city have the happiest employees in the U.S.? Find out, and then browse our roundup of current job openings.

Happy at work

Employees want to love where they work.

This holds true for the organization employing them, of course, but which cities and towns offer employees primo opportunities for workplace happiness?

CareerBliss has released its “2018 Happiest Cities to Work” list to help identify those municipalities that employees endorse with utmost delight and enthusiasm.

It explains its rationalization:

To find the happiest cities, we evaluated thousands of independent company reviews by actual employees, analyzing the key factors that impact workplace happiness …

Those factors were taken into consideration to give each city a “Bliss Rating” of 1 to 5.

CNBC reported on the factors that went into the ratings and rankings:

To evaluate happiness, CareerBliss’ board of workplace PhD advisors, which include experts in organizational behavior, psychology and computer science, looked at the follow eight key factors: company culture, growth opportunities within the company, people you work with, person you directly work for, rewards you receive, support from the employer, work setting and CEO leadership.

In a press release, CareerBliss writes:

In addition to key factors, CareerBliss evaluates where there are the highest number of happy reviews in cities within the United States. Employment, job opportunities, and salaries also impact the CareerBliss Happiest Cities list.

Landing No. 1 on this year’s list is Mountain View, California. The tech hub earned an overall Bliss Rating of 3.49.

Here is a full list of the top 10 happiest cities:

  1. Mountain View, California
  2. Detroit
  3. Boulder, Colorado
  4. Richardson, Texas
  5. Stamford, Connecticut
  6. Redmond, Washington
  7. San Jose, California
  8. Santa Clara, California
  9. Rockville, Maryland
  10. Cleveland

Want to work in one of the capitals of contentment? Here are job openings in municipalities making the list:

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Communications senior specialist—Cargill (Minnesota)

Senior strategic communications manager and Infosys managing editor—Autodesk (California)

Communications manager—Obama Foundation (Illinois)

Director of content publishing and localization—Nike (Oregon)

DC political writer—Los Angeles Times (California)

Internal communications director—Volvo Group (North Carolina)

Marketing communications manager—Philips (Massachusetts)

Senior news editor—Microsoft (United Kingdom)

Senior copywriter—Uline (Wisconsin)

Director of public relations—Association of Air Medical Services (Virginia)

Corporate director of communications—Emory Healthcare (Georgia)

Senior manager, PR—adidas (New York)

Senior press officer—The Royal College of Surgeons of England (United Kingdom)

Custom content editor, education and workforce—SmartBrief (Washington, D.C.)

Director, global social media—HTC (Washington)

Marketing director—American Medical Association (Illinois)

Editorial director—Conscious Company Media (Colorado)

City editor—Bangor Publishing Company (Maine)

Corporate and internal communications manager—Anheuser-Busch (New York)

Executive communications manager—University of Toledo (Ohio)

Communications writer—UCHealth (Colorado)

Social media marketing lead—Barclays (Delaware)

Marketing manager—Cancer Research UK (United Kingdom)

Editor of redefinED—redefinED (Florida)

Public affairs manager—American Health Care Association (Washington, D.C.)

Marketing director–McAffee (Texas)

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