4 features every social intranet should have

Is it easy for employees to comment or post information to your social intranet? If not, yours probably isn’t boosting efficiency like it should.

You probably already know it’s a good idea for companies to have social intranets.

In a time when many employees travel, work remotely, or are part of global brands, social intranets create sense of community and bring employees—and their knowledge—together.

A new white paper from IGLOO Software explains the benefits of a social intranet, as well as the four features every social intranet must have to make employees’ lives easier. Does yours have all the components on this list?

1. An open contribution model. Everyone in the company should be able to contribute content to the social intranet. Make sure every employee, regardless of his or her position, can post without having to go through a cumbersome approval process.

2. A comment-friendly environment. You have a social intranet so employees can share their knowledge and opinions, right? Acknowledge that everyone’s opinions are worth sharing, and encourage comments and discussion to foster an open environment.

3. Ways for employees to determine content’s value. The intranet exists for employees, so make sure they have a way to determine what’s important to them. Encourage employees to rate, share and bookmark content—or flag if it’s inappropriate.

4. Employee information. It’s just as important to have information about employees as it is to include information about the company. Many people use social intranets to learn more about their co-workers. Encourage your employees to fill out profiles with their department, role, skills, experience, etc., so others can learn and evaluate who has the authority to talk about certain topics.

Once your social intranet can boast these four components, your employees will enjoy:

  • A greater sense of community
  • More efficiency—information and resources will be easier to find
  • More expertise—it will be easy to locate people who are best for certain projects
  • And more.

Download the white paper here.

This downloadable report is provided by IGLOO Software, a proud Ragan Communications partner.

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