4 tactics for combating marketing blindness

Viewers’ eyes stop registering images that are too frequently repeated. Try these tactics to get around your audience’s psychological shortcuts.

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Do you remember the first billboard you saw on the way to work today? What about the second?

As another exercise, try to remember what cereal boxes are in your cupboard. Which cereal is on the left, which is on the right? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone.

We become blind to the things we see every day. Our eyes see things like billboards and cereal boxes and immediately (subconsciously) decide that we know about them already. Therefore, they aren’t worth our conscious attention anymore.

What does this say about your company’s marketing efforts?

Your website might have been super flashy and eye-grabbing the first time potential clients saw it, but what about the third or fourth—or twelfth time? If you can forget your favorite cereal, you can certainly forget a website.

(For those who are interested in a deeper dive on the topic, researchers have studied this phenomenon quite a bit. Psychologists have even given it a name —”Inattentional Blindness—and Scientific American posted a fascinating article about it.)

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