4 techniques to get extra mileage from a popular blog post

Your brilliant insights shouldn’t be a one-shot deal. Consider adapting them for video or reworking them as a guest post to extend your content’s reach—and SEO.

4 ways to repurpose blogs

A good blog post represents a significant investment of your time and resources.

So, what happens when you polish off a post, publish it to your website and spread the word on social media? Hopefully, you’ll see a big spike in hits, “likes,” comments and shares, but eventually all that activity tapers off. That can be deflating.

What if there was a way to extend the usefulness of your blog post, to mine it for all its worth? As it turns out, there are several ways to get the highest possible ROI from your content investment.

Here are strategies for optimizing each blog post:

1. Turn it into a pillar article. This is a longer, evergreen piece of content that takes a comprehensive look at a particular topic. Once you write a pillar article, you can break it down into subsections, ensuring that you include plenty of hyperlinks from the pillar to the subsections and vice versa. This strategy can enhance the user experience and lead to robust SEO results. Maybe you have a lengthy top 10 list. Consider breaking down each point into a smaller post, using the pillar page as a jumping-off point for more-focused posts.

2. Make a video. Once a popular blog post loses steam, use it as fodder for a video. It needn’t be an elaborate video, either. Simply use the blog post as an outline, talking through key points, perhaps putting together bulleted slides. It will extend the life of a blog post and take your expertise to a new venue.

3. Make it into a guest post. You’ve shared your insights on your own blog, but there are still plenty of people you haven’t reached. If you know the topic has juice, you can always write a second edition, keeping the same points intact but changing the wording, then submit it as a guest post to an industry blog or publication. This helps you get extra mileage from your original post, and it generates backlinks to your website, a major SEO win.

4. Update and enhance the original. Many topics warrant regular updates. If you have popular posts from a year or two back, read through them and see if anything’s changed. Are there new developments, trends or technologies worth mentioning, or supplemental materials you could include as links? Has your thinking or perspective evolved? Updating an older post with new text can breathe new life into it, and possibly trigger new SEO benefits.

A version of this post first appeared on the Grammar Chic blog.


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