46 tips for more shareable content

From adding a call to action to using captivating images, there are tons of ways to make content more engaging on social media. Here’s insight from a variety of experts.

Measuring the value of your content marketing is no easy feat.

What separates content we want to read, consume and share from the content we casually gloss over? Is it the quality of the writing, a compelling image or some combination of all of those and more?

It may be hard for one content marketing expert to capture it perfectly in a sentence or two, but perhaps 46 of them can come close.

That’s exactly what Venngage did with its shareable content infographic.

Siddarth Bharath of Thinkific for example, suggests including “data, case studies, real examples and step-by-step instructions” to keep readers engaged.

Ian Cleary of RazorSocial reminds marketers to use “video, imagery and interactive content” to present a palatable mix to our audiences.

Lauren Moon of Trello says that choosing a valuable subject matter counts for a lot, “rather than always trying to sell them something.”

For more tips, check out Venngage’s infographic below:

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