5 ways your social intranet can inspire employees

From offering motivational messages to pure sharing of information, your internal social network can connect and energize your workforce.

We often use social media to converse with our intranet software customers.

A few months ago, we asked on our Facebook fan page, “Why do you love your intranet?” The response was great! Here are a few ideas for motivating and engaging your employees.

Sharing your corporate values and mission

Your intranet is the perfect place to promote your corporate core values and goals for the organization. Ensure that your corporate mission and purpose are stated clearly on your intranet and use plain language. This keeps your employees aligned with your corporate goals and makes everyone feel like they are in the loop.

Recognizing employees

What better way to inspire your staff than by letting them know about the achievements of their co-workers? If you learn of an accomplishment or award that an employee in your organization is receiving, write about it on the intranet. The achievements don’t have to be related to your organization at all. Highlighting your employees’ accomplishments not only shows that you recognize their contributions, but it can also help encourage others.

Information bank

Create an area on your intranet where employees can share blog posts and articles they find online. This can be a great source of information about trends in the market, best practices, and innovation within your sector. You never know where a new idea will come from or what information with inspire others.

A thought for the day

Add a widget to your home page that cycles through a selection of pre-loaded messages. The messages can be inspirational quotes, tips to help employees perform their daily tasks, answers to frequently asked questions, and “did you know?” topics. The goal is to provide valuable content in bite-size chunks, starting on the first page of your intranet.

Employee message walls

Like Facebook walls, this is an excellent collaborative tool for conversation on your intranet. Employees can post questions, seek advice, learn from each other, and share/promote intranet content.

Sometimes, finding ways to inspire employees doesn’t need to involve complex initiatives. Take a look at the tools available on your current intranet and provide avenues for employees to share, inspire, and engage.

Carolyn is the founder and CEO of Intranet Connections, an intranet software company that provides out-of-the-box social intranets for small and medium businesses. Intranet Connections combines task-based intranet and extranet features with popular social and collaborative tools. This article first appeared on IntranetConnections.com.


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