5 ways you’re holding your content captive

If your content doesn’t have a call-to-action or social share buttons, it might be sabotaging your business.

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Does this sound familiar? If so, you may be holding your content marketing captive.

Here are five ways people hold content marketing captive, as well as recommendations to set it free:

1. Your content lacks a call-to-action.

Brand marketers often fail to include a call-to-action because they don’t always think about how to get prospects to act. Since only a small portion of your readers will act, it’s critical to remind and guide them to take that next step, whether it’s social sharing, commenting or purchasing.

Actionable marketing tip: Always include a relevant call-to-action. The action you want your reader to take depends on where he is in the purchase process when he consumes your content. He may be sharing content with his social graph, registering for an email, or purchasing.

2. You hide content deep within your website or blog.

This can occur when content creation and marketing are separate processes. As a result, appropriate content isn’t associated with products and other marketing communications.

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