7 content marketing myths you should abandon

These common beliefs won’t help you, and they could even damage your brand.

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As content marketing gets more popular, people are coming up with their own notions of what everyone should be doing.

A lot of these notions are myths, and if you keep following them, you will hurt your traffic.

Here are the seven myths you should be avoiding-and what you should be doing instead:

Myth No. 1: Everyone should have a blog.

Having a blog isn’t for everyone. Sure, it can help drive more traffic to your business, but the big problem with creating one is time commitment.

If you can’t blog on a consistent basis, your blog won’t be popular. It doesn’t matter how great your content is. Unless you can crank out good content weekly, you’ll see a huge traffic drop when you slow down or stop blogging.

At one point, I used to blog four to give times a month, and my traffic looked like this:

Then I decided to stop blogging for a period of 30 days, and my traffic tanked:

That 21 percent drop happened because I got lazy. When I started blogging again, it took three months for my traffic to return to where it was.

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