7 principles of content marketing

Need your content to start driving business for your brand? Here are seven secrets to success.

Now that we all agree that content is king and content marketing is all the rage, maybe it’s time to think about some easy-to-follow tenets. Let’s keep this simple.

1. Follow a 70/30 rule. Curate 70 percent of your content, and leave the other 30 percent for content about your brand. Why? Because the rest of the world is at least 70 percent more interesting than your brand, and promoting external content builds social capital and turns influencers into grateful fans.

2. Make content share-worthy. Don’t publish junk. It’s better to be quiet than increase the signal-to-noise ratio.

3. Make sure all content benefits SEO. Search engines increasingly favor social signals and blended results (multimedia). Optimize your content based on keywords whenever possible and appropriate, and across all channels.

4. Make content digestible. Break down big pieces into smaller parts. For example, you can make a big infographic available in smaller chunks.

5. Optimize your content. Distribute your content synchronously across all channels and devices.

6. Know that earned media (mainstream or fan-generated) is the best media. A reputation for credibility trumps a reputation for creativity. Credibility today lends authority to the creative endeavors of tomorrow. And in our overheated media market, credibility comes from third-party influencers and peers.

7. Use paid promotion. You can use paid promotion of earned media to extend the life of your content. Earned media can be “mainstream” (e.g., an article in a well-known publication) or “social” (e.g., a kudos from an influencer in social channels).

For instance, get a hit in Forbes.com, then use paid syndication to ensure a link to that article appears in other mainstream publications like The Huffington Post, CNN.com, etc. Or, get an influencer to praise your product on Facebook, for example, and turn their post into a sponsored story.

There are more than seven principles in successful content marketing, of course. Some might argue that these are not even the most important. What do you think are the must-have considerations for success?

Todd Defren is principal at SHIFT Communications and blogs at PR-Squared.com, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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