8 emerging tactics to enhance your marketing strategy

From chatbots to live video, technology can help you engage with a broader audience. Don’t forget the personal touch, though; today’s consumer demands it.

As the world changes, your customer outreach should, too.

People today are more mobile, more informed and more inundated than ever before. We are increasingly tethered to our smartphones, which presents opportunities and challenges for marketers keen to cut through the clutter.

Businesses must get more creative to reach people with relevant messaging. Here are eight tactics to consider adding to your marketing approach:

1. Install a chatbot to help with your Facebook page.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are relatively easy to create, regardless of your coding expertise. Chatbots respond to messages when you are busy or off the clock.

Facebook reported that it now sees 100,000 monthly active bots on Messenger. Bots provide instant connections with customers, solve problems and help with orders. They also abbreviate the customer’s wait time for a response. (Most expect a response within an hour.)

2. Give LinkedIn another chance.

The networking platform has undergone many changes since its purchase by Microsoft. The channel has an updated newsfeed and user interface. There’s not a ton of competition on the platform right now (compared with Twitter and Facebook).

Tired of the nonsense in their other social media feeds, many are going back to LinkedIn. Try publishing fresh content on the platform; you might be pleased with the reach and results.

3. Personalize the experience.

From emails to VIP exclusives, give your customers and clients an experience tailored to their preferences. Fifty-six percent would rather buy from someone who recognizes them by name, and 58 percent from someone who offers recommendations based on past purchases.

However, make sure your personalization is genuine.

4. Have a plan for ‘dark social.’

If you haven’t heard of dark social media, it’s the conversations happening in private (think Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, etc.). There is another world out there that you can’t reach entirely. Facebook is rolling out Messenger Ads, which will help, but try to be a part of those conversations.

The graph below shows how more people are going “dark”:

(Image via)

5. Join (or create) relevant Facebook Groups.

Organic reach on Facebook is down, and it’s not going to resurge. You are going to have to run ads to get your content seen, and you’re going to have to get creative.

Facebook enables you to create groups through your Page; they can offer insider perks or just general discussion. The engagement in these groups tends to be high, but they do require more moderation and attention. Have someone reliable overseeing them.

6. Use text messages in your marketing.

Ninety-eight percent of text messages are read within two minutes, and more than one in 10 text exchanges in the U.S. are with businesses. Try texting customers or clients.

Here are two examples:

text marketing strategy

7. Survey your customers.

Check in with your customers to see where and how you can improve your content creation and strategy. Entice them to participate by offering a reward, discount or other perk. Just be careful of Facebook’s updated Engagement Rules if you post on that platform.

8. Go live.

Live video has the broadest reach on most major social media platforms, notably Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Host a Q&A, broadcast from events, give a sneak peek of an upcoming product, or just take people behind the scenes of your business.

Which of the above strategies are you going to try?

A version of this post first appeared on the ME Marketing Services blog.


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