8 trends every health care marketer should be following

Find out what you should be doing this year if you want to improve your hospital’s reputation and attract new patients—not to mention boost your internal credibility.

We’re nearly two months into the year, and you haven’t checked off as many items on your to-do list as much as you hoped. Too much busy work, not enough hours.

Sound familiar?

The good news is that there is plenty of time to kick things into gear. Still, it’s on you to lead the push in a new direction.

“Marketers and communicators have never had a greater opportunity to influence health care than we do right now,” says Jared Johnson, Phoenix Children’s Hospital manager of marketing technology and analytics.

A free download from Mintent, “8 prevailing trends in health care marketing,” spells out exactly what you should be doing and why. Don’t worry about the need for a big budget; many of these tactics require $0.

Here’s a sampling:

Social media that generates leads

Having a social media presence isn’t enough. Your Facebook strategy, for example, should be more than simply amassing a wealth of “likes.” Its goal is to engage visitors and ultimately bring them through your hospital doors when the need arises. The guide explains how Advocate Health Care’s Facebook strategy accomplishes just that, and how you can do the same.

Physician profiles

Your physician profile bios should be packed with information that consumers want. It’s not enough to have a photo and list board certifications. Future patients are seeking patient reviews, ratings, related research and so on. Learn what Main Line Health is doing to its provider pages, and why.

Here are other areas the guide will highlight:

  • Ways to identify when and how to personalize content
  • How to use location-based marketing
  • How to tell your story and get picked up by journalists
  • How analytics informs business decisions
  • And much more

Download your guide today.


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