A 22-point checklist to determine if you’re mobile ready

Your answers to these questions will not only tell you how ready your organization is to go mobile, but what you need to do to get there.

Renowned communications expert Shel Holtz shares this checklist that businesses can use to audit their mobile marketing preparedness.

Go through Holtz’s mobile marketing audit, and assess your business’s mobile marketing abilities.

A mobile audit is a review of an organization’s readiness to transition to mobile as its primary way to access online resources. Be sure to add any questions that are specific to your market or organizational culture:

1. What existing policies would affect a shift to mobility? Will they support or obstruct adoption? Do you need to revisit any policies?

  • Are employees aware of the policies?
  • Do employees adhere to the policies or violate them in pursuit of the increased efficiencies afforded by mobile technology (e.g., text messaging for work on factory floors where phones are prohibited)?

2. What is the current level of smartphone/tablet penetration among employees?

  • How many employees use these tools?
  • What do employees use the tools for?
  • Options include text messaging, email, photography, access to internal and external social sites for work, Web searches, apps, etc.

3. How do employees, customers and other stakeholders already use smartphones and tablets in their personal lives?

4. How likely are employees to use their phones and tablets for company news and information? (Will plant workers use mobile to get local news and information? What about corporate news and information?)

5. Are employees aware of existing mobile resources within the organization?

6. Is the organization ready to act on ideas from employees to improve mobile use in the organization?

7. Can employees install the apps they need on company-issued mobile devices? Is there a policy or process that governs the installation of third-party apps?

8. What are employee attitudes toward using their personal smartphones and tablets for work?

9. How can the organization extend the reach of its internal communications (formal and informal) through mobile devices?

10. How can departments best use mobile (e.g., truck drivers can take pictures of loads and message them to the appropriate internal resource)?

11. Is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement already active in your organization? What has the organization done to address it?

12. How can mobility improve employees’ efficiency and productivity?

  • What processes can you improve?
  • Options include location data, employee directories, HR/benefits contact information, new product information, company presentations, product facts and documentation, daily reports, location maps, pricing information, pay stubs, sales volume, customer information, market share data, etc.)

13. What is the state of the existing infrastructure (e.g., in-plant WiFi, security systems, etc.)?

14. Do the leaders agree that the organization should adopt a mobility plan? Do some believe the organization is already late to the game, while others believe the organization should move cautiously?

15. What level of training does the organization need?

16. What kind of content do departments already deliver through mobile?

  • Does your organization use apps, mobile Web or both?
  • What development resources are available in-house or through partner relationships?
  • What development needs do you need to fill?

17. What issues must you address for employees to adopt mobile as a primary means of communication (e.g., state and federal labor laws and regulations)?

18. How can mobility apply to employees at non-headquarters locations (e.g., text messages that deliver local facility news and information)?

19. Do your customers use mobile? How?

20. What content would customers like to receive via mobile devices?

21. Does your organization have customer-facing facilities (e.g., branch offices, retail outlets, etc.)? Can social/local/mobile improve local marketing efforts?

22. Is existing content mobile ready? (Do you use appropriately tagged RSS feeds for 
company news? Do company Web properties employ responsive design?)

A version of this article originally appeared on the Vocus blog.


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