Create stunning, data-packed infographics with 7 playful templates

Audiences crave visual content. Communicators can create their own with these beginner-friendly digital canvases.

Data doesn’t have to be boring.

Infographics are a perfect vehicle for visualizing statistics and pulling stories out of numbers. Why not turn your information into something fun, shareable and compelling?

To transform your data into a fun infographic, follow these steps:

  • Identify the main audience you’d like to reach.
  • Pull out the most important or jarring numbers that will appeal to your audience.
  • Pick a relevant infographic template that will help you tell the story behind the data.
  • Customize the infographic template to fit your style.
  • Share the infographic with your audience across an array of channels.

Here are seven beginner-friendly infographic templates to get you started:

1. Fun comparison infographic template

We know that reptiles are cold-blooded, but what else sets them apart from mammals?

Compare/contrast two things with a color bubble infographic template. This infographic uses simple icons to indicate the two kinds of animals being contrasted. People’s eyes will be drawn to the bright colors and bold title.

fun infographics

2. Coffee infographic template

What are the most popular coffee preferences, and how much are people willing to pay for their daily cups?

This fun infographic lets coffee speak for itself using speech bubble icons. The statistics pop in a nice, big font, with concise descriptions underneath.

Don’t be afraid to give your infographic character and add unique flourishes.

fun infographics

3. Nutrition infographic template

When it comes to food, visuals rule. An infographic with stunning imagery can inspire people to make better choices, consider a healthier diet, or at least possibly think twice about those supersize fries.

The nutrition infographic below shows fruits with a lower sugar content, but you can swap in any types of food.

fun infographics

4. Music infographic template

This infographic uses a fun pie chart to visualize a poll about one of David Bowie’s most beloved songs.

You can insert any image you want in the center of the pie chart by using an image frame tool. When you customize your own, choose recognizable icons that people will be able to understand at a glance.

fun infographics

5. Craft beer infographic template

You can satisfy beer enthusiasts with this fizzy graphic, which uses color-coded illustrations to show the differences among various types of beers.

The template could be customized to show different types of wine, tea or even cheese. Just switch out the icons.

fun infographics

6. Fitness infographic template

Don’t be afraid to combine a realistic image with cartoon-like icons. The contrast between two styles makes for an interesting, eye-catching design. Use different colors to emphasize important words, such as the red word “EXERCISE” in this infographic.

fun infographics

7. Coffee shop culture template

This infographic uses pictograms (icons that depict units of data) to show which cities in the United States have the most independent coffee shops. Pore (pour?) over these numbers and let them settle the score.

fun infographics

You can view more fun infographic templates here.

Sara McGuire is a content editor at Venngage. A version of this post first appeared on Venngage Infographic Maker.

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