D&I resources for your workplace

Here are a handful of helpful beacons to help turn your talk into concrete action.

5 D-I resources

While organizations across the globe continue to publicly address social injustice and examine their own shortcomings, it’s important to remember to communicate internally as well.

Employees are waiting to see how their leaders will react and looking for them to be strong advocates for change within the company. Regardless of where you are on diversity and inclusion efforts, we can all learn how to do more and be better.

Remember, talk is cheap. Be transparent about your current situation, and fight to make D&I initiatives a long-term  commitment for your organization.

This is just a small sample of the ample assets available online. We encourage you to continue exploring, learning and doing more.

1. CEO Action For Diversity & Inclusion

    • The largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Resources include: materials, videos, educational quizzes and best practices from other companies around the world.

2. LinkedIn News

  • Business Unusual: Episode 55 – Building equitable workplaces, and a conversation on what companies should do to make workplaces more inclusive.

3. YWCA Social Justice Glossary

    • A shared language glossary to help us see how words that have different meanings are used interchangeably, which adds to the dysfunction of race relations and dialogue.

4. MSW at USC Diversity Toolkit

    • A guide to discussing identity, power and privilege with ice breakers, activities, discussion topics and more.

5. Helpful articles

Amanda McClay is an account manager at Tribe, an internal communication agency based in Atlanta. 


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