Edelman: PR should take the lead on mobile

The head of Edelman PR said that public relations trumps marketing in several areas, including relationship building and reputation management.

By design, mobile communications have to be focused on keeping messages short and sweet.

According to Edelman PR President and CEO Richard Edelman, that doesn’t mean mobile campaigns shouldn’t tell stories, however. In remarks at Edelman’s 2014 Academic Summit in Chicago, Edelman said public relations should take the lead when it comes to mobile media, for that very reason.

The Huffington Post quotes him has saying: “[Mobile] stresses relevant, substantive storytelling, stakeholder engagement trust and, above all, shared value for customers, organizations and shareholders. It does not favor classic advertising or media buying.”

PR professionals have an edge over marketing pros in the areas of relationship building and reputation management, Edelman said, which are key factors in digital and mobile media.

In some ways, Edelman seemed to be putting public relations at odds with marketing; in others, it appeared as though he was including PR with other marketing disciplines, as part of one big, marketing pie. For example, he said, “PR is now poised to become a more prominent discipline in marketing services.”

The debate over who “owns” digital and mobile media within organizations has been raging for some time now, and while Edelman makes some strong points, search engine optimization specialists and direct marketers would likely take issue. This isn’t the end to the argument.

What do you think, Ragan readers? Is Edelman’s reasoning for why PR should be in charge of mobile campaigns solid?


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