Essential questions to ask about brand journalism

This free download is chock-full of helpful advice, guidance and expertise for those weighing the benefits of becoming their own publisher.

Brand journalism questions

If you take the plunge into brand journalism, you’re committing to a fundamental change in the way you plan, produce and deliver content.

Vibrant, creative storytelling is a lot more fun than churning out bland press releases, drab copy and mind-numbing white papers. It’s also a lot more work.

If you’re keen to reap the benefits of becoming your own publisher but struggling with questions about how to do it right, Jim Ylisela, co-founder of Ragan Consulting Group, offers guidance in a free download, “The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism.”

Ylisela addresses seven of the most common brand journalism questions Ragan Consulting Group receives from clients, including:

  • Should I build my news platform on our main website (on a revamped online newsroom) or on a separate site?
  • We work in silos. Will brand journalism help us tear them down?
  • If we do the stories ourselves, won’t news outlets stop covering us?
  • How do I convince my boss that brand journalism is the right way to go?
  • It all sounds great—but doesn’t this just add to our workload?

There are no cookie-cutter answers, but as Ylisela writes: “Brand journalism works best when its driving force comes from your most important audience—your own employees—who are also customers, social media producers and brand ambassadors. And it thrives when those at the top of the food chain recognize the enormous benefits of being your own publisher.”

Download your free copy of “The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism” now.

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