How modern speechwriters keep the craft alive and well

Join us for our live conference webcast and see how these savvy communicators are crafting addresses that enthrall audiences.

Speechwriting event

What role does speechwriting play in a world filled with spur-of-the-moment tweets and off-the-cuff remarks?

A much bigger one than you might think. Speechwriters for major associations, top corporations and even former presidents are crafting powerful addresses that inspire employees, consumers and society at large.

How do they do it? Along with the tried-and-true principles of strong writing, they use these essential techniques:

  1. Pay attention to logistics—working closely with event organizers can guarantee the best format for a presentation
  2. Get more mileage out of your content by sharing it strategically on social media
  3. Be resourceful to get the contacts and skills you need to succeed in your job and career

Join speechwriters for former President Barack Obama, the Motion Picture Association, Boeing and more for the 2019 Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference Webcast, March 14–15.

Without leaving your desk, you’ll learn how to do the above and more to ensure your speeches have the power to move audiences and inspire action.

Don’t miss the conference that has been beloved for more than thirty years. Register for the live webcast today.

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