How to communicate with a multigenerational workforce

Will Boomers use that mobile app of yours? Are your millennials going to open that email? Find out how to communicate with various age groups.

How to communicate with different generations at work

Hold a digital contest, and the 20-somethings rush to compete, leaving the Baby Boomers behind.

Send an email, and you’ll reach your older workers, but Gen Z will likely ignore it.

Such is the experience of Dan Lederer, marketing coordinator for Newport Restaurant Group, which has 15 properties in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

How to reach everyone? A new download from Ragan Communications and Staffbase, “From Boomers to Gen Z: 9 ways to communicate with every generation in your workforce,” offers tips for making sure staffers of every age get your vital messages.

“It’s important to understand the deeper issues that drive communication preferences,” says Brad Karsh, founder and CEO of JB Training, who has conducted hundreds of workshops on generational differences in businesses.

Glean tips from Newport Restaurants, The Aerospace Corp., Otis Elevator Co., and EDF Renewables, a company that generates wind and solar power on rented farmland across the country.

Find out how Otis is getting an older generation of tech-phobic elevator repair workers to embrace digital communications.

“For the younger generation, it was a very easy transformation,” says Angela Penn, Otis’s North America mobility manager. “They have never lived in a time where there was no email. They were very open to moving to mobile apps.”

In this free download, you will learn:

  • What to do before you get started, lest your campaign end in failure.
  • When print can work—and when it won’t. Just ask a farmer with a windmill.
  • How texting can add engagement to your town hall.
  • Why apps can work for older workers—if you seed the ground properly.
  • How to make email work for today’s generation. (Hint: It involves mobile.)
  • Why virtual communications can expand your town halls, and how to avoid leaving older workers behind.
  • The role of contests in driving engagement.
  • The necessity of potpourri communications. Your workers choose their form of communications everywhere else in life, after all.

Download this free guide, and broaden your messaging to reach everyone in your workforce.


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