From Boomers to Gen Z: 9 ways to communicate with every generation in your organization

Failing to get traction with email—or your print publication? Are you noticing a disparity in reaching younger versus older workers?

This download offers help in sorting out the best way to reach various subgroups in your workforce population.

Different generations have different expectations of their employers. How can you ensure that all of your workers are receiving your vital messages?

Learn their favorite channels, and you’ll broaden your reach and help drive home your messaging.

In this free download, you will learn:

  • Why it’s necessary to survey your workforce. (If asked, employees will tell you their preferences.)
  • Who is most likely to appreciate your print publications.
  • How to get “the thumb generation” to participate in Q&As.
  • How to train older workers to adopt apps.
  • How optimizing for mobile can lure people back to email.
  • Who is most likely to respond to virtual communications.
  • How to rethink town halls for a new generation—without losing the support of traditionalists.
  • How contests can help drive younger workers to your app.
  • Why a choice of channels means better engagement.

Download your free guide now.

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