How to communicate with your staff via mobile

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You post articles on your intranet. You distribute a magazine via email.

You’ve got screens in the break room and a digital kiosk for factory floor workers to access your communications.

But are you making the most of the one technology that unites nearly all your employees?

Mobile technology is the most direct means of reaching everybody in your organization. Regardless of what types of employees you have—office-based, field personnel, factory floor workers—more than 85 percent of them have a smartphone.

A new guide from Sitrion, “How Mobile Drives Internal Communications Success,” reveals how to reach employees right on the device they stare at for hours every day.

“Mobile technology is becoming a critical enabler for effective communication,” the guide states. “Your employees want to participate in conversations that are relevant to their job role and workplace interests. Blanket communications through email or printed newsletters haven’t done much for employee engagement.”

What’s more direct than your employee’s personal mobile devices?

Learn more about the strengths of mobile. The guide reveals:

  • Why mobile interaction helps you win the attention battle.
  • How mobile messaging connects with millennials.
  • How smartphones and other mobile devices solve the problem-finally-of reaching “deskless workers.”

“Field technicians, retail workers, traveling salespeople, plant workers, warehouse managers, and drivers are often out of the loop,” the guide states. “The same is temporarily true for new employees after an acquisition or merger, who may not yet have full access to every system of the combined organization.”

  • Why mobile access improves customer service.
  • How to establish a mobile strategy in your workplace.

“Start by mapping out the biggest pain points within the primary functions of your organization, such as operations, sales, marketing, and customer service,” the guide states “Then pinpoint how you would talk to those employees if reaching them is no longer a problem.”

  • Why mobile messaging helps you to segment your audience and personalize communications.
  • How mobile technology enhances measurement.

The bosses pressure internal communications departments to demonstrate the value of their programs, the guide says. Now, you can be empowered to measure results.

“Thanks to modern mobile platforms they are able to show the impact of their work (views, reaction, comments) and not just their activity,” the guide reports.

The guide discusses how to compete with distractions such as Facebook, WhatsApp, text messages and notifications.

“Today’s employees are more advanced than you can imagine with their phones,” the guide states. “They expect frequent updates and state of the art user experiences. Keep pace, incorporate feedback, measure results and adjust as necessary.”

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