How to lure more eyeballs and land serious intranet traffic

It takes more than bright, shiny content to make your hub a flourishing ecosystem that employees love. Try these tips to reel in more readers. 

Luring more intranet readers

Your intranet can be like a river rolling through your organization, bringing a refreshing, steady flow of news and information to employees.

For companies with multiple locations, it helps those downstream from headquarters stay in the know. It can connect employees across silos and be a resource for identifying subject matter experts. Your intranet can help steep employees in your culture and make sure everyone’s clear about your vision and values.

However, that’s only possible if employees know—or care—about what you publish. If your hub is more of a stagnant pond than a free-flowing river, try these five tips to reel in more traffic:

1. Use alluring bait. If you know employees currently use the intranet primarily to access benefits information, entice them once they’re there with attention-grabbing storytelling, employee spotlights or an interview with the CEO.

Reward readers for visiting by providing interesting, engaging and irresistible content.

2. Let them run with it. Give employees a chance to participate in—and shape—the conversation. Your company might cringe at the thought of publishing employee-generated content, but at the very least you can include pulse surveys on your intranet.

Maybe you can turn on the comments function, or perhaps allow employees to post on an internal blog or social media feed? Why not encourage employees to submit videos for a contest or from an event?

Employee-created content earns major authenticity points. Plus, employees typically enjoy reading about themselves, so featuring your workers is an easy way to boost intranet traffic.

3. Try different depths. Different fish prefer different lures. In the same way, cast out something for those who just want either a headline, a short blurb or a more robust piece.

Many employees will just want the bare bones of what they need to know, but some will appreciate a juicier, meatier piece of content. Serve up something for everyone.

4. Clear the debris. Just as fishing holes can get mucked up with lost bobbers and Mountain Dew bottles, intranets tend to get choked with trash.

Wade into the digital morass, skim out all the years-old debris, and tidy it up. Make it easy for employees to find the best, most important content you have to offer.

Archive old posts you think might be of use down the road, and delete everything else. Moving forward, establish a content shelf life to prevent your intranet from getting gummed up with old, musty rubbish.

5. Jiggle the line. Drive traffic to your intranet by teasing fresh content on other channels. If you’ve published a new video, released a newsletter or posted an important company announcement, use digital signage, email, posters and other communication vehicles to raise awareness. Sometimes, you have to make the bait dance and flash a bit to hook your reader. Jiggle the line subtly—tantalizingly—and you might get more bites.

Elizabeth Baskin is CEO of Tribe, an internal communications agency working with national and global brands. A version of this post first appeared on the Tribe blog.

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