How to make your internal email content a hit

A new guide offers tactics that will boost your attention rate and make your messaging something that employees heed.

Keys to internal email success

Every time a communicator sends a mass email, two competing dynamics clash.

On the one hand, the organization has a message to disseminate, and email is often the most effective internal channel.

On the other, workers have jobs to do, and everything from email metrics to their cluelessness about your initiatives indicate that your messages aren’t always getting through.

A free download from Ragan Communications and PoliteMail, “6 tips for creating—and delivering—more engaging employee emails,” offers proven tactics for boosting your email attention rate.

Whether it’s rethinking your subject lines or cutting your word count, the guide offers ways to increase reader attention—and retention—based on PoliteMail metrics.

‘Do they know what the message was about?’

“If they read nothing but the subject line, do they know what the message was about?” asks Jaclyn Rygg, senior communications manager for Taylor Morrison.

The report also cites practitioners such as Dana Masuda, NetApp’s head of employee corporate and crisis communications, and Joe Swedorski, a marketing specialist at Chicago-based Northwestern Medicine.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The importance of photos in increasing your attention rate.
  • Why you must trim ruthlessly and link to content in greater depth.
  • What to do about those deadly walls of text that cause readers to delete your emails.
  • How metrics can help you push back on internal clients who want you to pump out a never-ending stream of overlong emails to your harried workforce.
  • Most email interactions occur the day you send the message, and 80% occur within the first three hours. What does this mean for your email strategy?
  • What to do in the first two words of your subject line to increase engagement.
  • Why authenticity is an essential important attribute of successful email.

Don’t squander your time on emails nobody reads. Make email a valued channel in your communication strategy.

Download your free guide today.

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