Infographic: 10 tips to spur employee growth

Gallup found that one-third of workers quit because of a lack of development opportunities. Here’s how to keep staffers feeling challenged, engaged, visible and motivated.

Boredom corrodes workplace morale.

Workers want to grow—to be challenged, even—and they want opportunities to shoulder more substantive professional heft. According to an infographic posted by O.C. Tanner, these desires encompass much more than a bump in pay or a promotion.

The infographic lists 10 ways to help employees grow, develop and ascend, including these suggestions:

  • Create a learning culture. The graphic states that just “55 percent of employees regularly learn new things in their current role.” If you’re not providing regular, relevant and viable vehicles for growth—such as ponying up for online courses, conferences, webinars or workshops—you can kiss high retention rates goodbye.
  • Provide meaningful work. “More than one in three employees are ‘often bored’ with their work,” according to the infographic. To avoid creating a workplace full of clock-punching zombies,  you should voraciously gather employee feedback and respond accordingly. You might consider conducting “stay interviews” as well to monitor morale.
  • Give exposure. It’s easy for employees—especially those working remotely—to feel invisible and unappreciated. The graphic advises giving employees access to “executives, mentors and special projects,” citing the fact that just “51 percent of employees feel their work is visible across the organization.”

Are you doing enough to keep your employees feeling motivated, challenged and engaged, or are you just paying lip service to the idea of helping workers grow? Check out the rest of O.C. Tanner’s infographic to learn more.

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