Infographic: 4 elements that drive traffic to content

To ensure your content will attract significant traffic, make sure it has these four components.

How many times have you spent precious hours on a blog post, only to see it get a handful of clicks?

You create good content, and deserve to see it travel the Internet.

An infographic from QuickSprout can help. It lists the four elements that content must have to attract organic traffic.

For content to drive organic traffic, it must:

Provide value: The more value your content provides, the more shares and references it will get, which will increase links and clicks back to your content.

Be optimized for keywords: The more keywords your content has, the higher it will rank in Google. The higher it ranks, the higher the chance someone will click through.

Have many quality backlinks: People like to link to data, case studies, resource lists, guides and unique perspectives on hot topics. Create content that falls into these categories.

Be evergreen: Evergreen content has a long shelf life, which means its organic traffic will increase as time goes on.

Does your content include these four components? Do they help drive traffic?

View the infographic below for more information:

(View a larger image.)

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